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Student Safety Information

 A Complete Guide to Potentially Dangerous Apps -this resource shows you some of the apps to be on the lookout for and how children misuse them.

· Protecting Your Kids Online 2.0 – this resource will help you set boundaries, look for red flags, educate yourself on platforms out there and how to talk to your children.

· A Parents’ Guide to Smart Phone Safety – this resource will teach you about the risks and ways to be smarter than a smart phone.

· Gaming Safely – this resource will help you learn about the setting capabilities of the game and how to set rules.

· Cyberbullying Unplugged – will teach you how to spot and deal with cyberbullying in your home.

· Online Safety for Children and Teens – this resource puts helpful tips, statistics and tools in your hand.

· Virtual Boundaries – teach appropriate boundaries and best practices to help keep online interaction and discussion with youth appropriate.

· Talking to Teens About Sexting – read about the risks and how to talk about it.

· Sextortion – what is it and what can you do about it.

· Steps to Prevent Teen Sex Trafficking -this is a real problem in the Vero Beach area.


Other Safety Information:

· Teaching Boundaries and Safety Guide for Parents

· Diocese of Palm Beach Abuse Procedures

School Supplies