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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader
Dear Parent or Guardian:

Our Reading curriculum is enhanced by the nationally recognized Accelerated Reader program.  Accelerated Reader is a tool for monitoring and managing independent reading practice.  The program is designed to ensure that students are reading at grade level or above, that students comprehend what they are reading, and that students are inspired to become lifelong readers.

During school students access AR tests using their iPads through the Renaissance software program. Students are only permitted to take AR tests in school once a teacher has input the monitor password. It is the student's responsibility to remember his/her username and password.  Each student will have a personal point goal to reach each quarter. This point goal may be adjusted by the teacher at any time during the year based on the student's reading level and accuracy.

The Renaissance program has a special feature called Home Connect, which you and your child can access outside of school from any computer with an Internet Connection. Home Connect allows you to see the tests your child has taken, the points they have earned, and their average reading level/accuracy.  It also allows you to sign up to receive email notifications after completed activities or assessments at school.

Parent Login: Parent Home Connect
User Name: Student’s first letter of first name and first four letters of last name
Password: Lunch ID # (your child’s teacher will give this to student)

If you have questions about Home Connect, please feel free to reach out to your child's teacher.

Searching a Book on the St. Helen School Online Catalog

  • On your iPad or Desktop, go to the St. Helen School Website.
  • Click on Academics.
  • Select Library & Accelerated Reader.
  • Scroll Down to SHCS ONLINE CATALOG
  • Click on St. Helen Catholic School
  • Click on Catalog on the top left hand side of the page.
  • From this page, you will be able to search for books by: Keyword, Title, Author, Subject or Series.
  • Mark this page as a favorite and you will not have to repeat the steps above to begin your search.
  • Once you have found a book that you will like to check out, please use the form for checkout and place your name, teacher, title of book, and the author.
  • We will find the book and check it out to you and have students come to bring the books back to class for you.
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