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Technology in the Classroom

St. Helen Catholic School implements 1:1 iPads throughout the school. All students from sixth through eighth grade will be assigned their own iPad to use in school and at home to do their class work. All other grades have a class set of iPads to use in their classrooms throughout the school day.  All students must sign an acceptable use policy to participate in technology classes and be issued a school iPad. The AUP for both student and parent may be found in the appendix of the Parent Student Handbook.

Why iPads? iPads enable us to better provide all faculty & students with a technological tool that will enhance student learning and achievement while bringing higher order thinking skills to a new level.  This tool will afford students greater opportunities to be productive students and citizens in a meaningful way as they enter a global environment that will require greater technology skills, collaboration, and teamwork.   
To capitalize on the merging of academic resources such as textbooks, teacher sources, content rich media, and best practices
To facilitate mobile learning across the school campus and beyond
To promote leadership in one's own learning by establishing access to educational resources and providing tools to support specific curricular areas.
To apply the technology to create a content-rich, engaging, and individualized, diverse learning environment. 

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